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October 22, 2010
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Avengers vs Pet Avengers 4 by chadf Avengers vs Pet Avengers 4 by chadf
The final cover I colored for Avengers vs. Pet Avengers. I really had fun with these covers. It's not often that you get to work on some of the biggest superheroes in the Marvel Universe and their furry counterparts.

I'm gonna miss that little frog. *sniff*

Pencils: IG GUARA [link]
Colors: Chad Fidler
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DaveSchultz Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
You did a great job.

I love that frog too.
robsonrocha Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Beautiful work Chad!
chadf Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much!!
TruestStrike Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
Another awesome cover.


I hope Marvel makes more in the future.
chadf Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I've only read the first 2 issues and they are a lot of fun. Thanks for the compliments.
DaveSchultz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I Love the Frog of Thunder
chadf Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah! Besides Lockheed, he was my favorite to color.
imafrakkincylon Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Your backgrounds are always stunning and I love how far you press the highlights. I'm always too scared to push the envelope on that stuff. I like your color choices in most places, too, though I think the darker color on the saber tooth is coming across a bit muddy in comparison to the nice rich shading on the more dark brown dogs behind him.

I especially love how you handled Iron Man in the back there, and that white dog in the front (no, I don't know the names for these dudes, I havn't gotten a chance to read the Pet Avengers yet).

The thing that really stands out here for me that I don't like - but understand the reason why it's done this way - is all the SHINE. Especially, for me, the gigantic glow on Cap's shield is driving my eye crazy, since it's blinking back down there from the top all the time. I think it's bright and flashy for a reason, though, so that's more of an artistic preference.

Anyway despite all that it's gorgeous. You're an inspiration. I'm not just sayin' that.
chadf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Yeah, I didn't want to put that much of a shine on Cap's shield either (I'm not even that enthused about a shiny Cap) but the penciller didn't have anything there. Lines just faded into nothing. But I agree with you.

And I'm glad you saw the white dog, I was afraid it was getting too lost in the background color.
WillCaligan Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
You have some awesome skill and this piece looks really nice, but really? Marvel has come to Avengers vs Pet Avengers? UGh.
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